Cooking calculator

Cooking calculator

Use European recipes in your kitchen! Cooking Calculator will also help you convert between decimal fractions and simple fractions, teaspoons to tablespoons, kilos and grams to pounds and ounces, opening your kitchen to experimenting endeavors.


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Ounce US
Ounce UK



How much does a teaspoon of salt weigh? How to convert grams to teaspoons and vice versa? A cup in teaspoons? Half a cup in teaspoons? How many ounces in a cup? Ghostcalc is a useful cooking calculator, which will help you with these and other questions of that kind.
With this cooking measurement converter you can easily do various kind of conversions: teaspoon tablespoon, teaspoon cup, tablespoon cup, tablespoon ounce, cup pound, cup liter and so on. You can use simple fractions ( f.e. "3 1/4" ) or decimal fractions ( f.e. "3.25" ) for these calculations. Operations are pretty basic and results are delivered within seconds. Try it out for yourself and witness it do wonders to your kitchen experimenting endeavors.

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